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Dr Lewis Porter

With Dr. Lewis Porter
Begins Friday 9/11 ends 10/16
Fridays from 2:00-3:30

Whether you are new to the music of Miles Davis or consider yourself to be an expert, you will find this six-week course to be a revelation. Dr. Porter will present an overview of Davis’s music and career, focusing on new information and new points of view. Dr. Porter, known worldwide as a leading jazz historian and a professional performer, will share with class members his vast unpublished research on Davis.

Among the topics to be discussed:

-A new view of Miles’s career.
-The truth about his autobiography.
-Online resources.
-His voice.
-Behind the scenes at Kind of Blue, the most famous jazz album ever.
-Why did he go into pop music aka “fusion”?
-Was he truthful in interviews?
-Did he steal tunes?
-Did he compose much?
-All participants will receive lists of recommended recordings, books, online resources, and PDFs of selected readings.

Workshop price $150.00 for 6 weeks. Starting 9/11/20

If you are paying by PayPal there will be a $5.00 service fee. To avoid the service you can pay using Venmo @Jay-Sweet-4 Please add your full name in the comment area in Venmo.

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